As self employed and small companies grow, many start to find it difficult to control all the tasks associated with the business from managing new leads to the daily office tasks. Although they are not at the stage to take on full or part time administration staff to handle this role, or are unable to justify the costs involved, the solution to this would be to outsource your administration to Day2Day Office Support.

Cost Effective Solution

The benefit from outsourcing is that there are no employee costs from wages, holiday and sick pay etc to pay and no need for costly office overheads. By outsourcing your administration, you are only billed for actual hours worked saving you money.

We at Day2Day Office Support are experts in office administration with years of professional experience and the testimony of many satisfied clients who recommend us. Our highly skilled staff are excellent at building rapport with you, your employees and your customers. We can quickly becoming a core part of your team working with you and your employees to achieve your business’ goals and targets.

We have provided administration servicesto a number of our clients fulfilling roles including, but not limited to:

Policy and Procedures

We can create your companies policies and procedures documents such as health and safety, environmental responsibilties and employee conduct and handbooks

Employee and Other Contracts

Day2Day Office Support can create employment contracts, services agreements and supply other bespoke contracts upon request

Database and Spreadsheet Management

Experts in database and spreadsheet management we can create, update and maintain employee or stock database and excel spreadsheets or workbooks and write custom VBA formulae

Powerpoint and Presentations

We can provide professional presentations for you to use for everything from delivering employee briefs or delivering a knockout presentation to potential clients

Call Handling

We can route your telephone calls to our office to handle overflow during busy periods or make outbound calls to clients or potential clients on your behalf

Advertising and Marketing

Day2Day Office Support can create professional flyers and leaflets and conduct mail campaigns on your behalf sending targeted mailshots or emails to prospective clients